The Last Waltz by Pat Santarsiero

This story starts six years before canon P&P. Darcy and Elizabeth briefly meet at a memorial service for his late father in London. Life is good for Elizabeth at that time. Whilst staying with her Aunt and Uncle, she and Jane attend their first assembly in London. Shortly after this, tragedy strikes and life is never the same for Elizabeth again. Fast forward six years and Darcy is contemplating marriage to someone who isn’t Elizabeth! Whilst thinking it over, he goes to Hertfordshire with Bingley and to the Meryton Assembly we all know so well. Darcy and Elizabeth meet again but under somewhat different circumstances to canon.

I don’t write long or ‘spoilery’ reviews but as always, the path to true love still refuses to run smoothly for Darcy and Elizabeth on the way to their HEA. There’s no explicit sexual content, though there are several quite passionate love scenes, so I can recommend this book for all audiences.

I really enjoyed this book, despite like others, having a few queries about some historical details. It certainly had a different wrinkle to the circumstances. Definitely one to read if you haven’t already.

Date read: January 2016.

Source: Blog giveaway win.

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4 thoughts on “The Last Waltz by Pat Santarsiero

      1. I really enjoyed it. I had to forget it was a P&P variation, but once I overcame that, I had a great time reading it. It is very intense and there is a huge depth in the characters. I think it is a very, very good book 🙂 if you read it let me know what you think 🙂

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